Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

1.       You certify that any images, shapes or other assets you have uploaded and/or provided us are yours to use or you have a release from the provider/creator stating you may reproduce them in the manner we use to produce your product.

2.       You understand our Refund Policy.

3.       None of the images you provide to us are pornographic in any way.

4.       We reserve the right to refuse to reproduce your design, images or assets if they violate our terms and conditions.

5.       Payment for online orders are due at the time of check out. We DO NOT offer terms for online orders at this time.

6.       Once an order has started production, it cannot be canceled. We provide an email letting you know when it does. We are not responsible for undelivered emails, slow delivery of those emails or your lack of checking your email. Please make sure the email address you use is correct, you have access to it and check it often.

7.       Orders scheduled for local pick up will not be refunded if you fail to pick up the product. See section 6 for more details.

8.       Once you receive your product(s) you will not scan, copy or photography (in high-quality) any part that contains clip art, images or templates we provide with the intent to reproduce them for personal use or resale. You may take and share a low-resolution photo of your product to share on social media or via email.